Free Wood Samples

Find out which wood best suits your kitchen

We have a huge range of woods which may make it difficult to select the best one for you. Why not take advantage of our sample service where we offer you a complete selection of our generously sized samples - 160mm x 160mm. We charge £5 to post your samples, which are delivered by a trackable courier service. You can claim back the £5 delivery fee as soon as you place an order for your worktops. The maximum claim which can be made is for 2 samples (£10).

Important! Customers ordering Full Stave Prime Oak and Full Stave Rustic Oak samples may not be able to see a noticeable difference between the 2 types due to the size of the samples. Knots and variation are typical for Rustic / Character grade but are more apparent on full sized worktops rather than on small sections of timber. For a better comparison between Full Stave Prime Oak and Full Stave Rustic Oak worktops please browse our gallery or the product pictures.

All samples are supplied untreated / unoiled. Prior to oiling / finishing all timbers appear a few shades paler. 

Sample size: 160mm x 160mm

Finish: Untreated / Square edges / Square Corners

Bear / untreated wood appears quite pale. After oiling (or another finish of your choice), the grain will be enhanced and the colour will darken by a few shades. If you wish to preserve the natural, paler appearence of the timber please select a completely clear finish for your worktops. Although, there is a variety of wood finishes on the market, WoodWorktops recommends Danish Oil as the best treatment for your worktops. It is food safe, easy to apply and enhances all timbers beautifully.  

  • Full Stave Cherry

  • Full Stave Sapele

  • Full Stave Ash

  • Full Stave Maple

  • Full Stave Oak 27mm

  • Full Stave Prime Oak

  • Full Stave Rustic Oak

  • Full Stave Black American Walnut 27mm

  • Full Stave Iroko

  • Rustic Beech

  • Sapele

  • Wide Stave Oak

  • Wide Stave Prime Oak

  • Maple

  • Oak

  • Wenge

  • Cherry

  • Iroko

  • Ash

  • European Walnut

  • Prime Beech

  • Prime Oak

  • Full Stave Black American Walnut

  • Super Stave Prime Oak

  • Super Stave Rustic Oak

  • American Walnut